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SEA LIFE Malaysia’s Creature Feature: Epaulette Shark

  • Thursday 29th July 2021
  • Nur Aqilah
  • SEA LIFE Malaysia

Epaulette Shark at SEA LIFE Malaysia

Check out some fun facts about each of our special marine friends that live in SEA LIFE Malaysia. This week we would like to introduce you to our Epaulette Shark (Hemiscyllium ocellatum)!
Hey friends! I am an epaulette shark. I am one out of three shark species that can be found in SEA LIFE Malaysia, likely crawling along the bottom of the tank.  

Epaulette Shark at SEA LIFE Malaysia

Want to get to know me? Here are 5 fun facts about me!
  1. My unique name

I have large false eyespots behind my head that appears larger than my eyes. This eyespot resembles shoulder ornaments called epaulette, which is how I got my name.
  1. My eggs are called mermaid pouches

I lay eggs to reproduce, but my eggs are not your typical eggs. My eggs are known as mermaid purses, which is a tough leathery pouch that protects my babies as they develop.
  1. I have a different diet compared to other sharks

You might think of sharks as vigorous eaters capable of swallowing our prey whole, but my dietary habits are different. I am a bottom feeder, with my main diet consisting of small invertebrates at the ocean floor.
  1. I have ‘legs’ made for ‘walking’

While they are not the same as yours, my ‘legs’ are actually muscular pectoral fins that help me ‘walk’ along the ocean floor, and from tide pool to tide pool in shallow waters. This way, I can sneak around the aquarium as I search for food!
  1. My family is small but it is growing

At SEA LIFE Malaysia through our Breed, Rescue and Protect program, we have successfully bred 14 Epaulette Shark pups. Come by some time and watch us all ‘walk’ to get our food! Drop by and check me out at the Sunken Shipwreck zone at SEA LIFE @ LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.