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SEA LIFE Malaysia’s Creature Feature: Moon Jellies

  • Thursday 12th August 2021
  • Nur Aqilah
  • SEA LIFE Malaysia

Moon Jellies in SEA LIFE Malaysia

Check out some fun facts about each of our special marine friends that live in SEA LIFE Malaysia. This week we would like to introduce you to Moon Jellies (Aurelia aurita)!
Hey friends! I am a Moon Jelly. I am translucent and live throughout most of the planet’s oceans. If you see me floating around SEA LIFE Malaysia do drop by and say hello.

Moon Jellies in SEA LIFE Malaysia

Want to get to know me? Here are 5 fun facts about me!  
  1. I have a delicate body
My body is translucent, which makes me look like I’m glowing at night, resembling a full moon, and that is how I got my name. The round upper part of my body is called a bell, and underneath my bell is where you will find my tentacles, called the oral arms and stinging tentacles.  
  1. I am venomous, but I am not dangerous to you
Like other members of my family, I have stinging cells in my tentacles called nematocysts. They help me immobilise my prey. However, I do not have the stinging power strong enough to affect you, though you might feel a minor stinging sensation.   
  1. I am almost fully made out of water
I do not have ears, a nose, a brain, or even a heart, as my body is almost totally made up of water. I do not have a nervous system, but I can still detect stimuli through a nerve network and sense light with simple eye spots called ocelli.  
  1. I am carnivorous and feed on tiny creatures
My diet primarily consists of zooplankton, and any other organism small enough to become entangled in my tentacles.  
  1. I am precious and delicate
Because of how delicate I am, I require a special tank known as a Kreisel tank. These are circular tanks with no corner and are designed especially for sensitive and delicate animals like me.   You can meet me at the Jellies habitat zone at SEA LIFE @ LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.

Sea Creatures at SEA LIFE Malaysia

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