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The Cafe

From freshly baked breads to savoury treats to sweet desserts, The Café satisfies every craving that you may have. Select from a healthy menu of ready-to-eat meals such as lasagna, baked potatoes, salads, soup of the day, pies and healthy gourmet sandwiches prepared fresh daily in our open kitchen.Make your way to the hydration station for thirst quenchers like fresh juices, sodas, coffee or tea. True to the cafe style, guest can enjoy their light meals alfresco or opt for a more cooling indoor seating.
Theme Park, The Beginning
Sandwiches & Pastries

Build Your Day...

  • 🀅  Air-conditioned ♔
  • Indoor Se🌱ating 
  • 🉐 Sheltered Outdoor seating 
  • ꦜ Breakfast available 
  • 🐲 Gr🌠ab N Go available

Other Dining