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LEGOLAND School Challenge 2024

Join us for the region's most anticipated LEGO® building competition of the year!

Calling All Young Minds! Show Your School Spirit & Build a LEGO® Masterpiece!

Work together in teams to build the best LEGO creations using your creativity, imagination and building skills. The best creations get to win amazing prizes worth more than RM100,000!

*Submission link:

The Castle at LEGO Kingdoms


Take the challenge. Build your own immersive fantasy worlds. Think beyond traditional castles and dragons. Envis🦹ion and construct entire fantastical landscapes, from floating islands to underwater kingdoms.

Mythical Creatures and Characters | From m𒁏ajestic unicorns and griffins to whimsical fairies and mighty wizards, design and build unique characters that inhabit 𒅌your fantasy realms.

Visual Storytelling | Consider incorporating narrative elements, such as heroes embarking on a quꩵest, encountering challenges, and achieving triumphs.

Magical Architecture and Landmarks | Design and build structures that defy the laws of physics and captivate the imagination, showcas🌞ing the grandeur of fantasy architecture.

Cultural Fusion and Mythologies | Blend elements from different cultures and mythologies to cr🅠eate a rich tapestry of fantasy influences. Global and local folklores are accepted!


Registration Closed

Only entries from registered groups will be considered for the submission and judging stages. To register, School Groups must submit the following details via the form in the registration link:
  • Category 
  • School Name 
  • Country 
  • State 
  • Group Name 
  • Total size of the Group (min. of 4 and max. of 8 students)
  • Number of lead teachers in the group (maximum of 2 teachers)
  • Contact Details of Lead Teacher (mobile number and email required) 
  • Contact Details of Student Group Leader (mobile number and email required)